Hackathon 2018

September 20-21


Aegon Hackathon to promote
Wealth + Health the world over


Join the change

We are looking for resolute and disruptive ideas to ensure people, where ever they may reside, have the opportunity and tools needed to live healthy and dignified lives. We’re in the business of protecting the day-to-day assets and those that go beyond money. Enterprising ideas and fearless teams are invited to join our Aegon Hackathon in Mumbai, Budapest or Dallas.


Wealth + Health

Disrupting the model

A lifetime of financial security starts with two fundamental ingredients – wealth and health.

Both are important to the stability to people’s lives and are susceptible to unforeseen events. Disrupting present-day financial and insurance models need bold ideas from individuals willing to rebel against the status-quo. Programmers, designers, hackers and dreamers, who want to see more than incremental change to wealth and health are encouraged to apply.


Investment award
Up to €36,000 will be made available in each region to fund promising concepts that we can push to market with a solid return on investment.

Prize award
The winning teams in each location will receive €500 cash or cash equivalent per team member. Second and third place teams will take home a must-have tech product with a value up to €200 per person.

Endorsement award
The winning teams will receive a personal LinkedIn endorsement from the regional Aegon CEO.

“We want disruptive solutions that marry Wealth + Health, allowing our people to live better, longer.” Mark Bloom, Global CTO, Aegon

For each location, a selection committee of Aegon and Transamerica’s executives will choose 10-15 teams to compete in the Aegon Hackathon. They will rate your concept based on the following:

3 cities, 24 hours

As the sun sets on one city, dawn breaks on another. Our Aegon Hackathon is set to bring people from multi-cultural backgrounds and diverse industries together for one mission; to ensure Wealth + Health is available to all.


Mumbai, India

Date: September 20-21, 2018

Budapest, Hungary

Date: September 20-21, 2018

Dallas, Texas

Date: September 20-21, 2018

Food, snacks and refreshments

Food, snacks and refreshments will be made available for all of our transformation warriors.

Start the journey

Interested? Register now. Submit your idea, form a team, or if you need more inspiration, look for a concept you want to explore with other innovators.

Go through the steps in our Be-novative collaboration platform to spark your creativity, generate bold solutions or find talented team members.

If you already have an idea ready to submit, skip steps 2 and 3.

Step 1: Register

Join the change on the collaboration platform in your region. Develop ideas on the theme Wealth + Health: Disrupting the model, find concepts and teams that speak to you.


Step 2: Brainstorm

Work on enriching concepts in the interactive, idea-generating room. To spark creativity, we’ve added a place for pictures, for boxed-out ideas, as well as random words for free association; all to help you generate ideas in 15 minutes.


Step 3: Evaluate

To see if a good idea has legs, run it through the crowdsourced evaluation. Thanks to a unique algorithm, 5 to 8 minutes is all it takes to see feedback from your peers and determine whether you should sharpen your idea further or move to the next step.


Step 4: Submit

Elaborate on your idea and submit your application. If you have a team, you’ll add them now. If you don’t have a team, simply leave that part of the application blank and other people can request to join later. Don’t forget all ideas and teams must be received by July 20, 2018.


Step 5: Get selected

By August 3, 2018 the selection committee will review all applications. If the committee believes your idea is innovative and impactful, you’ll be invited to participate in the Aegon Hackathon. A maximum of 15 teams will be selected per location.

Get selected

For further details, check out the Rules of the Game.


The theme of the Aegon Hackathon is Wealth + Health: Disrupting the model. Whether we think about it or not, our wealth and health are important to the stability of our lives and are susceptible to unforeseen events. We challenge you to help add more years to people’s lives and more life to their years by creating disruptive prototypes.

Because when we care about our bodies and savings today, we’re really just working towards a better tomorrow.

We encourage you to think about how developments in digital transformation (e.g. robotics, IoT, data intelligence, artificial intelligence, blockchain) and society (e.g. individualization, transparency, consolidation) influence customers' financial and physical well-being.

I am an external participant: Feel free to choose the location you are most interested in.

I am an Aegon/Transamerica employee: Colleagues must choose the location corresponding with their regional office. Asian colleagues can only attend the Mumbai hackathon, European colleagues can only attend the Budapest hackathon and the Americas can only attend the hackathon in Dallas.

I am an external participant: Please email your region for details on what will and will not be covered by Aegon.

  • Mumbai:
  • Budapest:
  • Dallas:

I am an Aegon/Transamerica employee: Please follow your own local travel policy and processes and consult with your manager before booking flights and accommodation.

Rights to Intellectual Property differ depending on if you are an Aegon employee or an external participant. Please read the Rules of the Game for a complete overview of the IP rules.

We’re glad you asked. First, you’ll need to register. You’ll then move to the Be-novative collaboration platform where you can find potential team members and hash out your idea. If people like what they’ve seen, they can request to join your team, and voila, once you accept them you have the beginning of your team.

Find answers to many more questions, download all FAQs.